My first camera was a Kodak Instamatic, given to me by my daddy when I was just a young girl. Since that time, I have developed a fascination with photography--particularly Nature Photography. I used to flip through National Geographic magazines and dream of being a photographer in all those beautiful places! Maybe I need to add that to my "Bucket List".

I bought my first SLR, a 35mm Canon AE1 Program, in 1984--which I still own! The street value of this camera has greatly decreased, but for me it is priceless!! I was first introduced to a darkroom while taking a course at Louisiana State University. The thrill of dipping a piece of blank white paper into the chemical tray and watching your photo develop right before your eyes is so exciting! That "magic" just fed my hunger to learn more. For me, the age of digital photography has taken away from that magic, however, it has eliminated the "trial and error" process by allowing the photographer to get an instant glimps of their photograph.

Though photography is currently my side job, my prayer is that God will continue to bless me in my pursuit of a lifelong dream. I hope everyone enjoys following my journey!

Mandy Taylor